NEWS Media coverage Mar 13, 2019

New campaign highlights why all Ontarians can be proud to produce ethanol and E15 here at home.

Renewable Industries Canada, representative of Ontario’s producers and supporters of ethanol, launched a new information campaign to promote the benefits of increasing ethanol blending from 10% to 15% (E15) in the province’s gasoline.

The campaign, highlights the benefits of E15 fuel blends and the proven, continued contribution ethanol makes to a cleaner, more prosperous Ontario, like:

  • Ethanol cuts GHGs by up to 62% compared to gasoline.
  • Ethanol cost 22 cents less per litre than gasoline in 2018.
  • Ethanol cuts tailpipe emissions 10% compared to gasoline.
  • 90% of Ethanol used in Ontario is made here in the province.

High quality, affordable fuel

Ethanol is a high quality, affordable fuel that already makes up almost 10 percent of Ontario’s current motor fuel supply and is continuing to grow. Increasing Ontario’s ethanol blending to E15 will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, supports local jobs and farmers, and provides consumers with more choices at the pump.

It’s important now more than ever that we take real, practical steps to improve our environment. Ethanol plays a critical role in energy policy around the world and is an economic solution to pollution. Ontario is fortunate to have a domestic industry and abundance of agriculture to increase ethanol blending, production, and use. E15 allows us to capitalize on this today, and use it to meet our growing energy with a renewable fuel well into the future.


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