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Renewable Industries Canada represents leaders and innovators in Biofuels and Clean Renewable Technology. We work with government stakeholders and policymakers to strengthen Canada’s economy and environment.

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Congrats to elected members & thanks to all who entered the race striving to make our country better. Lots of robust climate discussion from all parties #elexn44 — now it’s time to get to work. Let’s do this!
Strong commitments 🤝 Our industry
#NetZero #cleanenergy #biofuel

Canada Votes Today! Good luck to all candidates who put their name on the ballot. This campaign proved climate is a top-issue, concern, and opportunity. We’ve got solutions and look forward to working together #Elxn44 🗳

We can’t get to climate targets w/o fully understanding, supporting & unlocking CDN agriculture. (Exhibit A: Clean Fuels Regs). Thank you @CFAFCA & @shaunhaney. This is one to watch!

See u tonight @mclaudebibeau @DaveEppCKL @AMacGregor4CML @yvesperronbq #AgDebate2021 #elxn44


How to tune into CFA's AG Leaders' Debate this Thurs. at 7:00pm EDT? Simply go to the following link of choice: http://rogerstv.com/CFADebate (Eng) or http://tvrogers.com/debatFCA (French). #AGDEBATE2021 #cdnpoli #cdnag #Election2021

Voting can be as complex an issue as the climate change itself. Those interested in matching promises to policies (like carbon pricing & regulations) & seeing what's req'd to get the job done will want to read @MarkJaccard⁩’s latest. https://policyoptions.irpp.org/magazines/septembe-2021/assessing-climate-sincerity-in-the-canadian-2021-election/

Whether you call it a transition or adaptation, Canada’s transportation sector is changing for the planet. @CanadianFuels Pres @bob_larocque says how well 🇨🇦 does it & how fast depends i.e. low carbon fuel = more ethanol, biodiesel, & renewable diesel.
🎥 https://www.ceforum.ca/event

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