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Renewable Industries Canada represents leaders and innovators in Biofuels and Clean Renewable Technology. We work with government stakeholders and policymakers to strengthen Canada’s economy and environment.

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Proof the economy can be circular & green! Bravo to govts of Canada + Quebec expanding the SEMECS biomethanization facilities in Varennes. The project diverts waste, makes organic fertilizer, & reduces natural gas at Greenfield Global’s #ethanol plant. ♻️ https://www.canada.ca/en/office-infrastructure/news/2022/05/the-governments-of-canada-and-quebec-invest-more-than-65-million-to-expand-the-semecs-biomethanization-facilities-in-varennes.html

What can the private sector do to solve emissions? The answer is A LOT! Great panel at #CSFN22 talking about what it takes to lower carbon intensity without making it tougher on Canadians. ie:
✔️Bankable & proper carbon market
✔️Price certainty
✔️Longterm market-based policy

Sending a fond farewell @USGC's Brian Healy. It's the people that make our industry so great and Brian is a prime example. Thanks for leaving a lasting mark on the #ethanol industry the world over. Come visit us, our #E15, and Stanley Cup anytime!
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Canada is betting big on electric vehicles to meet its climate targets. But, what about the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle’s battery? This A+ overview from @NiallCMcGee should be on everyone's podcast queue. (Spoiler: lifecycle carbon!) 🧵


#EarthDay reminds us that choices matter esp the fuels we use. As 🇨🇦 strives to net-zero emissions, so will #biofuel. Here's to everyone optimizing plant operations, advancing biogenic carbon capture, & farming. You are proof that choosing biofuel = an investment in our planet.

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