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Renewable Industries Canada represents leaders and innovators in Biofuels and Clean Renewable Technology. We work with government stakeholders and policymakers to strengthen Canada’s economy and environment.

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💯 🎯 Take fromMeaghan Seagrave of @BICAccelerator re: challenges:

“We need to be greening everything [incl. industrial] to get to #NetZero & if we approach this as a competitiveness & productivity convo — not just a carbon convo — we will get a lot further” 👏 @ScalingUp2022

Hi from @ScalingUp2022! Great to join colleagues and collaborators to discuss the opportunities & challenges facing industry, and what it will really take to get Canada to Net-Zero further & faster i.e. fuels 🤝 financing 🤝 policy 🔁

Federal measures will keep Canada’s biofuel producers competitive: @RenewCan - https://www.canadianbiomassmagazine.ca/federal-measures-will-keep-canadas-biofuel-producers-competitive-ricanada/ #biofuel #biomass #hydrogen #cleanfuels #lowcarbon

What a great “green” morning 🌱 ⚡️ for our RICanada team! Board members Andrea Kent & Doug Dias joined @SenateCA’s #ENEV committee to talk about 🇨🇦's hydrogen opportunity – and with the #FES this afternoon we’re pretty sure our timing couldn’t be better 😉

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