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Renewable Industries Canada represents leaders and innovators in Biofuels and Clean Renewable Technology. We work with government stakeholders and policymakers to strengthen Canada’s economy and environment.

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.@NRCan has officially launched its call for proposals for the long-awaited Clean Fuels Fund - This $1.5 billion will help kickstart Canada's clean fuel supply while creating jobs in 🇨🇦.

Kudos to @RenewCan & @AdvBioFuelsCan for getting this going!


Domestic clean fuels market 🤝 The groundwork for the low carbon fuels of the future.

Welcome news from Minister @SeamusORegan who today launched the $1.5-Billion Clean Fuels Fund to grow clean fuels market across Canada. ⁦@NRCan⁩ https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/minister-o-regan-launches-call-for-proposals-under-1-5-billion-clean-fuels-fund-to-grow-clean-fuels-market-across-canada-853935867.html

🙏 Honorés de recevoir les dernières questions (?) du député @LefebvrePaul en tant que parlementaire. Merci pour votre service exemplaire. Vous allez nous manquer.

🙏 Honoured to receive one of @LefebvrePaul’s last questions (?) as a parliamentarian. Thank you for your esteemed service. You will be missed! @OurCommons #RNNR #cdnpoli

DYK: Oil & gas companies are moving to become producers of renewable fuels too. Why?
🔑 The future is about integration
🔑 Investment will go to jurisdictions with policies that seek to reduce carbon the most.
🔑 Good policies compliment each other @OurCommons #Rnnr #climate

LIVE: Questions about net-zero? Interested in the real world facts? Our market experts are breaking it down @HoCChamber #RNNR Watch at: https://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/Harmony/en/PowerBrowser/PowerBrowserV2/20210621/-1/35772?Language=English&Stream=Video #biofuel

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