Renewable Industries Canada

Renewable Fuels and Products
Driving the Growth of
Canada’s Low Carbon Economy

The bioeconomy is driving the growth of Canada’s low carbon economy.

Renewable Industries Canada represents the leaders of our nation’s bioeconomy – producers of renewable fuels and value added products that reduce GHG emissions and provide economic opportunity to the benefit of all Canadians.

26production plants



$5Beconomic contribution

Working toward
a cleaner & richer future
for Canada

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14,000+jobs created

$3.7Bestimate ROI

4.2mTGHG reduction/year

Working toward
a cleaner & richer future
for Canada

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  • Rothsay Biodiesel

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    Rothsay Biodiesel

    Rothsay, a division of Darling Ingredients Inc., and based in Guelph, Ontario has roots in the Canadian rendering industry extending over 50 years. As Canada’s largest renderer, Rothsay employs over 500 people, providing essential services for the efficient and environmentally responsible management of collecting, processing, and recycling animal by-products and used cooking oil into valuable animal feed ingredients and biodiesel fuel.

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    Statement regarding the Quebec Government’s 2017-2020 Action Plan under the 2030 Energy Policy

    As a part of the 2017-2020 Action Plan released today, Quebec Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Pierre Arcand has announced the jurisdiction’s first ever volumetric requirements on renewable fuels (such as ethanol and biodiesel). The blending requirement for renewable fuels will start at 5% for gasoline and 2% for diesel, and the province has...

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    Statement in response to Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission’s report, Supporting Carbon Pricing
    RICanada Statement Regarding Quebec’s 2017 Budget
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