NEWS Press releases Mar 21, 2011

Farmers Show Their Support For Homegrown Biodiesel

LONDON, ONTARIO – The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association in partnership with the Grain Farmers of Ontario, Koch Farms and Koch Logistics, and biodiesel blender and marketer FS PARTNERS, today launched a “Powered by Biodiesel” bumper sticker campaign to show support for the federal government’s national biodiesel standard.

“Farmers here and across the country are clearly enthusiastic about the increased production and promotion of biodiesel. This bumper sticker will let them proudly show their support,” said Canadian Renewable Fuels Association President Gordon Quaiattini in announcing the campaign at the Grain Farmers of Ontario’s March Classic annual general meeting. “The 2% renewable fuel standard for biodiesel is an investment in our future. It is creating good jobs, helping farmers find new ways to prosper and is helping protect our planet for future generations,”

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