NEWS Press releases Mar 23, 2011

Made-In-Canada Biodiesel Gets A Boost In Saskatchewan’s 2011 Budget

REGINA: Homegrown renewable biodiesel got a welcome boost today with the announcement of a producer

incentive and a biodiesel blending mandate in the 2011 Saskatchewan provincial budget.

“Saskatchewan’s 2011 budget will be welcome news to farmers and biodiesel producers alike,” said Gordon Quaiattini, President of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association in responding to the budget. “With this budget Saskatchewan will tap into the new opportunities of biodiesel, and lay the foundation for a whole new advanced biofuel industry.”

Saskatchewan will now boast a five-year $26 million program that will provide a 13 cent-per-litre grant to biodiesel producers effective April 1 2011 and a 2% renewable biodiesel mandate that comes into effect on July 1 2012.

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