Ethanol – Responses to Key Issues for Canada’s Ethanol Industry


What economic impact does ethanol production have?
Renewable fuels production in Canada is a source of job creation, economic activity and higher revenues that
governments, in turn can use to pay for crucial public services.
• A jobs and growth engine. A sweeping and independent study conducted by econometric firm Doyletech
Corporation, concluded that the renewable fuels sector in Canada has provided – and will continue to provide a
sizable boost to jobs and economic growth. Specifically, it found that the renewable fuels sector in Canada was
responsible for:
• 14,177 new direct and indirect jobs have been created to support construction of new production
facilities and each year, as many as 1,038 new jobs are created to support ongoing operations.
• $2.949 billion has been generated in economic activity from plant construction and approximately
$1.473 billion in economic activity is generated annually from these same facilities. Nearly all of it in
rural Canada. 1
The report studied 28 ethanol and biodiesel plants across Canada and added that there were major benefits
from renewable fuels in “rural revitalization, increased oil exports from western Canada, industrial
development, and valuable options for re-balancing fuel “mix”.

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