Terra Grain Fuels

At Terra Grain Fuels, we believe in building a solid foundation of partnership with producers. We are able to provide farmers with advice and recommendations on everything from marketing plans to economic forecasts for crops.

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Terra Grain Fuels is the largest wheat based ethanol producer in the province of Saskatchewan. Terra Grains can produce up to 150 Million liters of ethanol and 150,000MT of dried distillers grains annually. Terra Grain Fuels purchases approximately 400,000MT of locally grown wheat per year.

Terra Grain Fuels provides additional economic marketing choices to local wheat producers for non-food grade wheat. The wheat is converted in to ethanol which supplies the government mandated demand for ethanol in retail gasoline in Western Canada.

To efficiently produce environmentally friendly renewable fuel to supply western Canadian government mandated demand. We will be dependable business partners with our customers and suppliers.

Terra Grain Fuels uses predominantly wheat as its feedstock. Wheat ethanol has a lower carbon intensity than corn ethanol. Therefore ethanol produced from wheat has lower life cycle carbon emissions than the majority of the ethanol produced in North America. Wheat dried distillers grains also has the advantage of higher protein levels than corn dried distillers grains and garners a premium price.

Terra Grains contributes to the local economy by providing skilled jobs and an alternate grain marketing choice to farmers for a historically difficult agricultural commodity to market. The annual economic footprint to the local economy is in excess of $100 million dollars. TGF helps the environment by producing renewable clean burning ethanol which reduces greenhouse gas emissions over standard fossil fuels.

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