Midwest AgEnergy Group, LLC

Midwest AgEnergy Group, an upper Midwest biofuels enterprise, owns Blue Flint Ethanol, an existing 65 MGY ethanol biorefinery near Underwood, ND, and Dakota Spirit AgEnergy, a new 65 MGY biorefinery near Jamestown, ND.

  • Green agriculture
  • Green fuels
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Midwest Agenergy Group owns Blue Flint Ethanol and Dakota Spirit AgEnergy group. Both of these facilities are corn-based ethanol facilities that are located in North Dakota. Both facilities are known for their minimal environmental impacts and energy efficient designs, both facilities use steam from co-located power plants.

Make a profit and increase shareholder value.

Biorefining – Continuously Refined is our Vision statement. We will continue to evaluate what biorefining process make sense financially for our companies.

Our plant facilities use steam from a co-located coal fired power plant to increase efficiencies and minimize our environmental impacts. In addition, believe that our employees should have a voice and in the constant improvement process. We require our employees to bring forth ideas to improve our facilities by using a kaizen system that gets reviewed by management. All ideas are reviewed and then given an approval, denied or put on hold status.

Our company has been over 7 years with no lost time accidents.

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