Leaf (Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations)

Leaf is the business unit of Lesaffre dedicated to the worldwide sales and market development of value-added fermentation solutions for fuel ethanol and bio-based chemicals producers. Created in 2014, Leaf's mission is to reinforce Lesaffre’s current market position on the first generation fuel ethanol market and continue innovating in the field of lignocellulosic ethanol.

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Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations (Leaf) is a business unit of Lesaffre, the world’s largest yeast producer with close to 8000 employees operating within 70 subsidiaries in over 40 countries. Lesaffre operates 45 production plants and has 35 sales offices around the globe.

The focus of Leaf, a world-wide business unit, is to bring value added fermentation solutions for fuel ethanol and bio-based chemical producers.

o Offer value added fermentation products to the first generation fuel ethanol industry

o Continue innovating in the field of lignocellulosic ethanol.

o Develop cutting-edge solutions for bio-based chemicals producer

We enjoy significant market share in 1st generation ethanol (starch to ethanol) and believe that the 1st generation business will continue to expand in developing countries. We also see great opportunities in lignocellulosic ethanol as well as use of C5 sugars for the development of specialty chemicals and/or renewable building block molecules.

Lesafffre is a leader in yeast and yeast research with over 180 researchers in R&D that also work closely with over 60 universities and research centers around the world. Besides, yeast research, Lesaffre prides itself on their knowledge and know how when it comes to yeast manufacture. Lesaffre has a number of patents and possess technologies that enable development and manufacture of specialty yeasts for a variety of different end user applications.

Lesaffre has been in business for over 160 years and has a number of significant achievements related to alcohol production including the successful development and launch of Ethanol Red Active Dry Yeast, the yeast of choice for biofuels production with a world-wide market leadership position. Additionally, Lesaffre has developed and launched a lignocellulosic (C5) strain of yeast – Cellux which is commercially available and is in use at various locations around the globe. Cellux is a very good option for the production of 2nd generation ethanol and also provides a technology platform for the future development of other C5 ethanologens and renewable chemicals.

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