IGPC Ethanol Inc.

IGPC Ethanol Inc. supports local farmers and promotes a clean environment through sustainable renewable fuel production. IGPC Ethanol Inc. is wholly owned by Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc., one of the largest agricultural co-operatives in Ontario. The co-operative was founded in 2002 by a group of farmers and agri-business people looking to add value to Ontario’s agricultural production.

  • Green agriculture
  • Green fuels
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Established in 2007, IGPC Ethanol Inc. contributes significantly to the Renewable Fuels Industry and Ontario’s Agricultural sector. By producing 170 million litres of denatured fuel grade ethanol and 170,000 tonnes of distillers’ grains, IGPC Ethanol Inc., has become a leader in Southwestern Ontario’s business community by creating environmentally sustainable economic growth. IGPC Ethanol Inc. is wholly owned by Integrated Grain Processors Co-operative established in 2002, by a group of agribusiness individuals. IGPC is a full service provider to local farmers offering a distribution solution for their corn crops while producing high protein feed supplement for their livestock. For more information, please visit www.igpc.ca

Our business exists thanks to a small group of farmers who had a vision to create a renewable fuels business that would add value to local crops, create jobs, and provide much needed economic stimulus in rural Ontario. This small group eventually grew to one of Ontario’s largest farmer owned cooperatives. Over 900 members ultimately invested in the vision that allowed a state of the art ethanol facility to be built in Aylmer, Ontario. 

IGPC Ethanol Inc. is focused on developing its business using both the physical ethanol platform and the skills and knowledge of its employees, to take advantage of emerging technologies and markets within the bioeconomy space.

IGPC will continue to grow, support its community and create shareholders and stakeholder value.

IGPC is certainly unique in its structure, being one of Ontario’s largest and most innovative cooperative.

IGPC’s size and management structure make it manageable, able to adapt and to innovate quickly as demonstrated by the ongoing investments occurring and activities within the bioeconomy space.

From very small beginnings, IGPC has created a vibrant industrial base in Aylmer and through some very turbulent economic times, it has prospered and grown.

IGPC prides itself on the values and standards it adopts that provide employees a safe and pleasant work environment, and provides all stakeholders the ongoing confidence that IGPC will, while growing, always conduct itself appropriately. IGPC’s goal is to be the model of what the ethanol industry can do beyond simply making a valued renewable fuel.

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