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Enerkem develops renewable biofuels and chemicals from waste. Through the combination of a proprietary thermochemical technology platform and community-based advanced facilities, Enerkem addresses the challenges of oil dependence and waste disposal.

  • Green aviation
  • Green forestry
  • Green fuels
  • Green waste
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Enerkem makes biofuels and renewable chemicals from waste. With its proprietary technology, Enerkem converts non recyclable municipal solid waste into methanol, ethanol and other widely used chemical intermediates. Headquartered in Canada, Enerkem operates both a demonstration plant and a pilot facility in Quebec and has inaugurated Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, its first full-scale commercial facility. The company is developing additional biorefineries in North America and globally, based on its modular manufacturing approach. Enerkem’s technology and facilities help diversify the energy mix and make greener everyday products while offering a sustainable alternative to landfilling and incineration.

Enerkem builds, owns and operates community-based, waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facilities that bring value to communities. These plants help stimulate regional economies, increase energy security and reduce landfill volumes.

Enerkem community-based facilities have a compact footprint. They are usually located on landfill sites or near the municipal solid waste sorting locations.

Reducing the need for landfilling reduces methane emissions created from the decomposition of these materials at landfills, which is 21 times more potent than CO2.

The biofuel produced at Enerkem’s facilities can reduce greenhouse gases by more than 60%, when its emissions are compared to those of gasoline.

Enerkem is leading the new wave in renewable fuels and chemicals.

Enerkem is uniquely positioned to recover the abundant supply of non-recyclable waste to profitably produce second-generation biofuels and green chemicals. Commercial production of cellulosic ethanol is Enerkem’s primary focus today. The company is quickly moving towards commercialization with full-scale biofuels plants it will build, own and operate.

The company today produces methanol and cellulosic ethanol. It also plans to expand its portfolio of products. How? The chemical-grade syngas produced by Enerkem can be used to create chemical intermediates that form a wide range of everyday products, such as paints, solvents and coatings for textiles.

As part of its business strategy, Enerkem can also sell its unique technology platform to strategic partners around the world. With its modular, copy-exact and scalable approach, Enerkem’s systems can be manufactured by third parties as prefabricated and replicable modules.

Enerkem works closely with governmental stakeholders and local municipalities to customize sustainable solid waste management solutions, based on its proprietary technology platform. Enerkem is the technology and project developer behind the world’s first municipal waste-to-biofuels facility in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Many clean technology companies focus on a particular aspect or component of a technology. Enerkem’s technology spans the entire value chain of renewable fuel and chemical production, making it unique in the field. It has developed and refined its proprietary technology system to convert municipal solid waste feedstock to value-added bio-based products. The company’s methodical approach to scaling up a first-of-kind technology has resulted in successful lab, pilot, and industrial demonstration results, which are now being deployed at Enerkem’s first commercial scale facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Enerkem has inaugurated the world’s first municipal solid waste-to-biofuels facility in Edmonton, Alberta. This facility, operated by Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, is among the world’s first commercial facilities to be built for the production of renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels. During its construction, more than 600 direct and indirect jobs were created for the modular manufacturing of the facility’s systems and their on-site assembly.

This corresponds with a spending increase within Canada of $199 million, which includes:

  • $5.2 million to municipal governments (property tax and spending)
  • $16 million to provincial governments (increased corporate and personal income tax collections)
  • $45 million to the federal government (increased corporate and personal income tax and GST collections, and lower Employment Insurance costs).

During full-capacity operations of the facility, over 150 direct and indirect jobs will be created. This corresponds with an increase in net economic spending in the local Edmonton area of $64.5 million per year, which includes:

  • an increase of $1.1 million annually in property and municipal tax collections
  • an increase of $2.2 million annually in provincial corporate and personal income tax collections
  • an increase of $7.4 million annually in federal corporate and personal income tax collections, as well as lower Employment Insurance costs.

In addition, Enerkem is regularly recognized in the biofuels and scientific communities. For a full list awards, please refer to Enerkem’s list of awards.

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