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RICanada National Biofuels to Bioeconomy Conference

Canada’s Bioeconomy Runs on Biofuels

November 28 – 30, 2016, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association will host its annual Canadian Bioeconomy Conference in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Canadian Bioeconomy Conference offers a wide range of topics and information on the emerging bioeconomy and the biofuels industry – From Biofuels to Bioeconomy. This conference reflects the ever-evolving changes and advancements in Canadian renewable fuels and sustainable products as outlined in CRFA’s vision and action plan Evolution and Growth.

This premier policy event brings together over 300 professionals from North America including leading petroleum, ethanol and biodiesel companies, trade suppliers, government officials and members of the finance and investment industries.

We hope you will join us in Ottawa and be part of shaping the future of biofuels and bioeconomy in Canada.

Canadian Bioeconomy Conference
Take part in shaping the future of Canada’s biofuels & bioeconomy.



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